History is the story of the winners. In a sense, that is said, it is.

Personally I read history (well nowadays) in order to dig facts up. And that now so as to compare, contrast, then finally to combine them ­ so as to drive somewhere, wherever...

So much of history seems general opinion? But who wants to think about everything anyway, and again? And a fair enough comment, that. But it is interesting, anyway, to drive down a road again, any road, sense what else might have been around some corner, but for some calamity, as perceived, interceding.

The first works here are of this type then. Exceedingly interesting to us possibly alone? But we will share them.

The rest are completely made up, fiction. Not near as interesting as real history we would agree, that being said, to be also so...

Last, we've no particular axe to grind, we don't think?

Fiction, these:

To come: The disappearance of Ross?